We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Ed Wood Jr.’s music video for their song “Medellin” (watch it below). The track is taken from their most recent album The Home Electrical, which was released on April 21, 2017 through Black Basset Records, Tourne Disque, and Araki. You can purchase the album here.

The band comments on the video & music:

“At the beginning, the idea of this clip comes from a desire to express what I felt while listening to the music.

A ramp – up voltage that generates the desire to understand, to hear and to see the follow – up; mingled in feeling of misunderstanding of the world surrounding us. A world a little hard to withstand sometimes.

The absurd situation in which the hero finds himself, aims at striking the viewer directly. The world represented here matches the subjective vision of the character and nightmarish of a man suffering. The sequence of the different scenes meets the structure of the mind’s raving.

Based on a concept visually thrilling but also tragic, I wanted to tell the story of a man facing a senseless world where lifeless bodies rule.  We see the world through his eyes, the way he perceives it, a burdensome world, dark and worrisome.

The clip’s character is a man broken by his wife’s murder he himself committed that exhorts him to become addicted to drugs, represented by Lego’s head, dreamlike items in this world that lost all meaning.

He wanders alone on an endless road. Time span doesn’t exist anymore; there is no more present, no more past and no more future. The landscapes this man is travelling through are upside – down, reflecting the fractured universe. The scenes in the forest and in the car allow making noticeable the oppression experienced by the character, induced by the guilt of having murdered his own wife.

The character is the only living soul we see in this clip, surrounded by wax figures, surrounded by death.

Moreover, I wished establish the story in a loop, synonymous with effective in music videos. It represents the human desire to pull through without ever succeeding.

Also, the narrative structure is based on the musical structure: the time of each sequence referring to the timing of different parts of the music.

My purpose is to tell the audience a meaningful story. A quiet character facing the memories that haunt him. He can’t get rid of the reminiscences of his actions, and here, we can set it to images tragically and poetically.”

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