Elrond is Vern Avola (Avola, EMS, DEAD, Bear Spray, ex-Prizehog, etc.) and Ian Gorman Weiland (ex-Antecessor, Hot Hictory, Misty Montane). The duo uses 90’s hardware and analog synths to channel otherworldly energy, creating harsh, beautiful soundscapes and melodies that explore ideas of love, friendship, and space.

Love Across Light Years is a sonic adventure in synth worship that feels like the soundtrack to an alien invasion amidst the apocalypse, except the goal of these extra-terrestrial beings is to anoint this electronic duo as captains of their ship, calling aboard all who wish to follow, blasting off into space for the ultimate end-of-the-world dance quest, leaving all else behind. Final destination unknown.

Written and performed by Elrond
Recorded and mixed by Ben Stoller
Mastered by Collin Gorman Weiland
Album Artwork by Vern Avola

This is a three-way label release by Anima Recordings, Accident Prone Records, and Nadine Records


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