News: Emo-pop Tribe Bugsy Drop New Song ‘Slip N’ Slide’

Emo-pop quartet Bugsy have dropped a new track. “Slip N’ Slide,” out now, follows the release of May’s single “iceagebaby,” with the band releasing their Teratoma EP in 2020.

The Minneapolis outfit blend glimmers of pop sensibility, intricate rock intonations, and emo stylings on the new single. With punk influences ebbing through, the band’s candid honesty intertwines with a stark accessibility, making for a moreish, and un-put-downable soundscape.

Comprised of  guitarist and vocalist Emily Schoonover, bassist Shannon Maroney, guitarist Griffin Desai, and drummer Alex Norman, bugsy have gone from strength to strength since the release of breakout 2019 effort, songs that no longer apply. Marrying potent riffs and resplendent hooks, bugsy have generated buzz that transcends the alternative sub genres, and their dexterous and diverse array of influences has shined through tellingly on the latest single.

Find out more about bugsy, and stream the band’s music via Bandcamp.

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