Bozeman, Montana punk band, Goners UK, are back with their latest EP, Burn Your Bones. This will be their first release since their 3-way split, Bridge the Gap, with The Scoffs and THE SHIVERZ in 2021.

The EP offers 5 new tracks:

  1. Daisy Pusher
  2. Wolves
  3. Crashing In
  4. Rattle Can, Not Rattle Can’t
  5. Plummet & Pummel

‘Wolves’ is an instant classic sing-along railing against the “constant barrage of negativity weighing down on us.” Goners UK is at its crispest in ‘Wolves,’ with fast drums, steady bass, and a clear agenda.

The title Burn Your Bones was conceived by bassist, Rob Stotts’ 7 year old son. While his muse and reasons remains mysterious, the band connected to the title immediately: “I came home and asked him. Ten minutes later, he had a list of names and I’m like, that’s the one for sure.”

Burn Your Bones is available everywhere for stream on July 1.

Check out more from Goners UK on Facebook, Instagram, & Bandcamp.

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