The southern-fired grungers Dusty Bo hail from the desolate hills of Louisville, Kentucky, and having conquered many a giant and broke many a heart, they decided to take their sun-choaked sound to the only logical place they could think of, the busy streets of Los Angeles. 

Dusty Bo just released an EP called Vulture, and New Noise are pleased as a rattlesnake sunning on the highway to premiere the full stream of it for you today. Check out the album stream via Youtube below:

About their new record, the boys of Dusty Bo had the following to say:

 “The EP Vulture is the first chunk of tunes from the full album ‘The Vulture & The Fox’ (can you guess what the next EP will be titled?) with the concept of a gunfighter moving to the wild west and getting caught up in a troubled life.

The situations for the storyline will be based on things that have been personal life experiences of my own. These four tracks revolve around being persuaded by others for their own greed and then betrayal. But for those who don’t give a shit about the story line … I recommend just turning the songs up as loud as you like to listen to rock ‘n’ roll.”

Photo by Jess Amburgey Photography

Get the album here.


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