Hotel Etiquette, the solo project from Mike Hansen (Pentimento), is set to release a new EP, Ex Songs, on May 28 through Triple Hammer Records. The EP is the follow-up project to Hansen’s 2020 EP, Sex Songs.

New Noise are proud to premiere Ex Songs in full below:

On the imminent release of Ex Songs, Hansen states:

“Wake up in a cold sweat and realize your whole existence is about proving to yourself that you’re here to create. Choose to make art because you have no choice. Art now makes you. Drive. Spend concrete dollars on abstract ideas. Try. Search until found. Your home is built from patterns of pride and shame in your own inventions. You don’t just visit. You live here now. Drive. You are a human being and you can do anything.”

Watch the video for Hotel Etiquette’s latest single, “I’m In Love With (Judging) You,” below:

Pre-order and stream Ex Questions here.

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