Ironclad are unleashing their Peach Out of Reach EP May 29 via War Records, and you can hear it with us first.

“’Peace Out of Reach’ is the title track and my favorite on the EP,” vocalist Danny Prock says. “The bass- and drum-powered interludes make me want to sprint across heads. The lyrics, like ‘Beholden to None,’ follow the theme of the history of war and its impact on man. I wanted to write some hard lines and conjure violent images, something to match the intensity of the sonic aggression and inspire kids to dance and dive like maniacs.”

Ironclad are a brand-new hardcore band from Virginia featuring members of Outsider (RVA), Heavens Die, Brick (HVA), and Compulse. The band was formed in the fall of 2019 when Compulse abruptly came to an end. At the time, everyone in the band was listening to a lot of ’90s hardcore, like Cold as Life, Hatebreed, and Buried Alive.

Ironclad set out to merge that classic sound with a more contemporary style played by current bands like Naysayer, Criminal Instinct, and Bent Life. Once they developed their sound, Ironclad reached out to Danny Prock, who laid down vocals to some rough recordings, becoming the final piece to the puzzle.

Peace Out Of Reach was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Chamblee (End It, Wristmeetrazor, Path to War) at Tools of War Studio in February of 2020. With a release date set for May, Ironclad are looking forward to restrictions to let up so they can start playing these songs in a live setting.

Bass player Brett Cooper had the following to say: “We all are originally from the Appalachians of Virginia (540). We are able to put on shows every now and then in our area, but not many big name acts roll through our part of the state because it’s mostly rural.

“Most of us have to travel to Richmond or D.C. to catch shows, and we are heavily inspired by those scenes. We are motivated to want to make something of our own that represents our respective cities. We take great pride in the fact that we represent a part of Virginia that is often forgotten when people think of hardcore.”

Photo by Chrisy Salinas

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