Philadelphia’s most electrifying band in corpse entertainment, Necrosexual, are releasing the Seeds of Seduction EP on September 3 through Folkvangr Records.

New Noise have an exclusive premiere of the EP available to stream below:

Necrosexual mix equal parts black metal grimness with the attitude and riffs of speed metal. The cassette version of Seeds of Seduction comes with two bonus tracks and is absolutely dripping with extra filth.

On the release of the EP, Necrosexual state:

Seeds of Seduction is a thrashing eruption of the soul, to fulfill your gaping hole. I hope it inspires you freaks to question both your mortality and sexuality. Though often imitated by much lesser fools, there will only ever be one: THE GRIM 1.”

Preorder and stream Seeds of Seduction here.

Follow Necrosexual on Bandcamp.

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