Papi Shiitake Shiitake are premiering their new EP with New Noise today. Quarantine Dream is diverse and spry, exhibiting the strength of emotion and balance of temperament in a way that would make the Buddha himself meditate on how he could match their poise.

Young Tuxx’s Lou Reed delivery and Mac Demarco tones tell tales of optimism in isolation, a hand-in-glove complement to co-writer Ryan Sieloff’s woozy, ’60s inspired sonic dreamscapes.

You can check out our track-by-track breakdown of the new EP courtesy of singer Tuxx himself. It’s out today, via Trash Casual Records. Please enjoy.

Enjoy The View

I try to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle as much as possible, which is super hard in NYC. So many people are grinding so hard here that I’ve often found myself feeling guilty for just wanting to chill. Enjoy The View is about accepting that fact and having some fun with it. Life is short. Eat some Chinese food in bed, and live a little.


This is probably my favorite song on the EP, which is weird because I was at such a low point in life when I wrote it. For me, Smile is all about honesty. Sometimes when you’re writing, you think you’re being honest with yourself and the listener, but there’s always a little more you can reveal about yourself.

At the time, I had just seen my therapist and was feeling particularly horrible. When I got home, I asked myself how I was feeling and, “I feel like garbage left in the sun” just poured out. The song came together really fast, and people have been resonating with it

Quarantine Dream

When the pandemic hit earlier this year, I felt like it was important for me capture that ‘me’ moment as an artist. I had been talking to this girl right before COVID and was trying to imagine a scenario that we would be able to see each other.

I thought maybe she could come over and hang out six feet away from each other. Seems silly, but it was an honest thought. 

I’ve also always wanted to make an animated vide, and it seemed like the perfect time for that. I started working with this incredible artist named peDal, and we came up the concept of me exploring the emptiness of Manhattan as a spirit. I really love the video. Go check it out! 

Sleep Walk

At first, this was actually a reinterpretation of the classic “Sleep Walk,” with new lyrics instead of an instrumental cover. We liked it so much that was originally supposed to be the first single. Then there was a hang-up in the publishing and in the end Johnny, of Santo and Johnny fame, nixed it.

I wrote him a letter pleading for us to be able to use it, and we got no response. I guess he wasn’t so into it? They say everything happens for a reason, but I really wish you could hear it. People who got to listen to the Papi Shiitake version really loved it. Anyway, now it’s an instrumental cover. Hopefully someday we’ll be able to release the original. It’s a whole vibe. 

Photo by Papi Shiitake

Order Quarantine Dream here.


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