Portland indie rock outfit Radiolarian (the moniker for solo artist Gordon Ashby) has dabbled in music for years, and the work is about to pay off, as he prepares of the release of his debut EP The Man That Time Forgot, exclusively on New Noise.

Ashby single-handedly played, recorded, and mixed every part of the record, crafting an ambitious project flowing with influences from the world of science fiction and creating an all-around unique and encapsulating experience.

“I originally started writing The Man That Time Forgot as an experiment to push my personal boundaries and prove to myself that I could produce a record entirely solo,” Ashby says.

“After several false starts and many instances of thinking I had taken on an impossible task, I could not be happier with what ultimately emerged,” he continues. “The Man That Time Forgot is intended to take you on a journey, both sonically and thematically, while evoking the wonder and curiosity of a good science fiction novel. I hope you can find a good spot to watch the sunset, gaze up at the stars and take it all in.”

Stream The Man That Time Forgot in full on Soundcloud below:

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