Suitcase Season photo by Aman Bhavsar

We are excited to bring you the premiere of a different type of collaborative project today. Suitcase Season is premiering their first release, I through New Noise Magazine via Bandcamp. Suitcase Season is a collaborative project by the guitarist of Hodera, Doug Gallo. It is mostly an instrumental project, with some vocals highlighted in the opening track “Milton Lake,” but the instrumental pieces make a stand of their own as well. Suitcase Season pays attention to rhythmic dynamics, focusing on highlighting different components to create a mathy project with precocious orchestration. “Transit” features vocals from Anna Lies (The Vaughns) taking space alongside Gallo’s intricate acoustic melodies. James Bauman  American Lions) helped add guitars, bass and produced it all alongside Gallo. Local friends Marcos Gonzalez played a bit of drums and Savan Sekhon added lead guitars to help bring the community knit project together. I. was mastered by Adam Cichocki (of Gatherers fame). Take a listen below and enjoy the delicate atmosphere with the mind bending, atypical production and rhythm.

“Suitcase Season was written with a strong focus on instrumental based melodies with compliments of a tight, yet subtle rhythm section to create mathy, stripped down acoustic tracks recorded with DIY ethics.”

Purchase I. here.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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