New Noise Magazine is excited to share Disposable, the newest EP from Super American. The EP will be released via Take This To Heart Records on April 7th. Disposable rings out with pop-punk honesty, streamlined with lyrics that are entirely personal, but relatable to anyone digging the trenches of life. The soundscape of Super American utilizes quiet-loud dynamics with soaring hooks and crushing chord progressions. “Dearly Beloved” is a song that stands out immediately in terms of setting up exactly how Disposable feels, bringing to life what it is like to lens life through that question of “what happened?”

The Buffalo, New York duo offer plenty more across Disposable, with what seems like decades of realizations being unearthed, transcribed and orchestrated to a soundtrack. Listen to the EP below and read what Super American have to say about their release.

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“Sloppy Jazz,” “Dearly Beloved,” “Congratulations” & “Rebel’s Yell” are best observed without any sense of independence from track to another. They we’re written during a period of transition and transformation. Naturally, my willingness to be honest with myself varied throughout. However, it comes full circle. They share the same sentiment, tone, and perspective while acknowledging the same people, environments, and circumstances. I struggle to separate the tracks. I see them on a timeline but each time its different. They collectively serve the same purpose.

I pushed good people away and was looking for salvation. Making art is instinctual and most times a self-defense mechanism for me. It’s my purest form of communication because, if anything, at least I’m being honest. Writing these songs was my crutch in trying to get somewhere good.

I don’t want people to gravitate towards my art because of a perspective I may share on a particular topic — these things naturally evolve, and with that, so will my art. Looking at these songs on the principal of subject matter alone surely leaves them to be lost in the translation of modern millennial music as they share the same crowded foundation. That is not their purpose.

However, I want people to become attached to my commitment to making intensely honest art, regardless of circumstance, because that is my genuine attachment to the creative world. That is what it’s going to be every single time. If I’m a good artist, you should be able to see that. – Matt Cox

I recorded “Missing Pieces” in my bedroom. Jay Zubricky ended up sending the stems through the live room to help it match the rest of the album. The song is about breaking up with the only real girlfriend I’ve had on and off since my teens. Unfortunately sometimes love isn’t enough and there’s too much hurt and baggage to keep a relationship happy and functional. Sometimes people just want different things and it hurts to realize that.

“Dumb” is an older song I had laying around that we all liked and revamped to fit our sound. Sometimes it’s just as fun to see an old idea through a new lens as it is to make something new from scratch.

“Feeling Better” was written towards the end of a long bout with depression that tormented me throughout my early twenties. I was finally starting to realize that how I was feeling was an illness, something I needed to be conscious of, and something I couldn’t control. One of the worst things about depression for me was the way it stifled my will to live by making it increasingly difficult to see any good in myself, let alone anything else in the world. It dragged me down in ways that make the good days too few and far between. Life is hard enough without an anchor pulling your brain underwater. This illness made it hard to love myself, which made it hard to love the people around me. I talk about this in the past tense because that’s where I want it to stay, but the truth is I will probably always have to deal with these feelings to varying degrees. I’ve learned if you’re honest with yourself and ask loved ones for help, it gets easier to manage! This song was a welcome escape from the pain and I’m happy it found a home on this record. – Patrick Feeley

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