Spooky season is upon us and what better way to start off October than filling your juicy brains than with Animal Facts and EP Halloween. A fun-filled pop-punk, punk-rock and skate-punk project courtesy of Nick Naylor (Crash-11, Lupin Tooth), Animal Facts sound is as if bands such as Alkaline Trio, NOFX, Rancid and Rise Against met Chris Packham and David Attenborough in the middle of a mosh pit and started making music together (or in the case of Halloween, a graveyard), alongside lyrics that focus solely on all the best and most brilliant facts you guessed it, about animals. Following up the project’s self-titled debut album earlier this year, the Halloween EP aims to raise some spine tinglingly intriguing facts about all our favourite spooky animals from Bats to Owls, Spiders to Moths and everything in between. Sink your Dracula teeth into Animal Facts’ Halloween EP.  

Six tracks full of fast, furious and fiery pop-punk music with fun filled facts about animals across songs such as opener Bats, which features guest vocals from Tommy Creep of Horrorpunk outfit Lupen Tooth. The spookiness continues with the eerie howls of the short, sharp Wolves, the guitar driven facts about the feathery creatures that are Owls and the upbeat bouncy pop-punk on track Toads. The creepy, crawling atmosphere of all our favourite eight legged friends can be heard on Spiders and the scary pipe organ-like sounds of closer Moths sends out Animal Facts’ Halloween EP in truly frightening style. 

An EP guarantee to get you in the spooky spirit, as well as fill your skulls up with some of the best facts about some of the creepiest creatures in the animal kingdom, Animal Facts’ EP Halloween will not only make you more compassionate towards all animal species, but it will make you ten times more informed on every single fact about some of the spookiest animals in existence, especially in the run up to October 31st. David Attenborough and Tom DeLonge, eat your heart out quite literally, it’s nearly Halloween after all. 

Animal Facts’ EP Halloween is set for release on October 13th. You can purchase the CD and digital version of the EP here or save and stream it across all good music streaming platforms here.

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