Jacksonville, Florida’s Glazed have been brewing their brand of emo-tinged pop-punk for years now. Since their inception in 2013, they’ve spent nine years tackling a handful of releases and dominating any house, venue, or floor they could play on. Their newest offering, Chillogy, is an expansion on the sound they have developed in the best possible way.

Through their history as a band they have drawn comparisons to influences they wear on their sleeve like The Promise Ring, Transit, and Motion City Soundtrack, but Chillogy is a five-track EP that sets out to do what a lot of the bands that live in the nostalgia of that sound wouldn’t dare to do. In it’s runtime of just under 13-minutes, between the bursting choruses and chugging guitars, there are hints of darker themes, electronic synth melodies and autotune washes that truly feel like a modernized approach to a classic genre.

EP opener “Cherry Ice” is a classic ballad of disillusionment set on high. Lyrical jabs like “What do my dead friends see in my dreams? A late 20s-year-old who never quite fit the mold?” are woven into this track, paired with beautiful major guitar work and constant progressive bass and rhythm sections.  The chorus is one you can see pile-ups and mic grabs for with ease, and it is certain to resonate with any young(ish) adult.

“ACAB” is a short interlude set to the timing 1-3-1-2. A gorgeous transition into using synth, sampled drums, and showing off a bit more production efforts over powerful guitar strums.

After the synths ebb out, a children’s choir screams the title of third track “Still Glazed” to introduce everyone to it. This song is a love-letter to every band, musician, and artist who has stuck to their craft through thick and thin. Upbeat before breaking into a washy middle section then kicking it off again to pronounce “We’re still here, the dudes who fell in love with Jersey sound, stuck in the south, ready to blow it and rebound.”

Pulling in the threads left from the previous track, “Blunt Object” is another interlude that uses the dreamy guitar parts to lay ground for a sample taken from Australian rap battler Snipes they found through popular music meme channel, catatonicyouths. A more out-there performance is just a sign that Glazed are still dedicated to having fun more than anything.

EP closer “Holographic Trap Card (feat. Anna Lester of Bobby Kid)” is the shining star of the release. While the entire EP is great, this song rises above. It displays everything I love about emo music, but throws in the autotune leads, extended build in the song structure, and a chorus that could be in a hall of fame. Anna’s added harmonies really add a dynamic layer to the song, and the drums in this song are particularly tight. Plus, who doesn’t love to nerd out about Yu-Gi-Oh! card references?

The full Chillogy EP is out on May 13 via Acrobat Unstable Records. Any fan of emo, pop-punk, having fun, and/or getting stoned should check it out because it will have something you’ll love and may help you find a new style to enjoy. For the time being, check out the incredible music video for “Cherry Ice” below and can keep up with Glazed here.


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