Since first playing together as cover band The Pizzas to fill a gap on the line-up of a live show guitarist Marc Juliano had put on, the Goalkeeper trio: vocalist/bassist Ryan Beebe, drummer Cody Ritchie, and Juliano, have always gelled together. After that fateful performance, they decided to put a real band together, and Goalkeeper were born in 2017.

Now, three years later, they’re set to release their third EP, Life in Slow Motion, and it’s a fine representation of how much the band have grown up and grown together in those three years. If 2017’s Gut Feeling EP was the trio finding their feet as a band, and 2018’s Bad Times Don’t Last was them working out how to craft their own sound, 2020’s Life in Slow Motion is them perfecting that sound and cementing themselves as an important band to keep an eye on in the pop-punk scene/genre.

The EP is the band’s debut release on Lost Music Collective (founded by Less Than Jake’s Vinnie Fiorello, who also created a little label called Fuelled By Ramen; you might have heard of it or some of the bands it catapulted into prominence). It was recorded/engineered by Cartel’s Will Pugh and mixed/mastered by Neck Deep’s Seb and Will Barlow.

Opening with latest single “Just Say It,” melodic, easycore riffs lead into Ryan’s gritty, emotion-filled vocals, and chugging guitars before the epically catchy chorus kicks in and makes you turn the volume up to 11.

“Graveyard” also has a ridiculously catchy chorus that will open that circle pit right up when we’re allowed to go to shows again, and a great breakdown for the melodic-hardcore inclined. Cut “Black and Blue” open, and you’ll see classic pop-punk flowing through its metaphorical veins, while previous single “Happy” has a slightly old-school emo tinge a-la early Taking Back Sunday mixed in with the melodious-yet-distorted chugging guitars and thumping drums.

Closer, “This is Fine”—ya know, like the dog-in-a-house-on-fire meme—is the fastest track on the record, with emphasis on the easycore side of pop-punk, especially in its shouty, gang-vocal breakdown. It’s got another catchy chorus with lyrics that (perhaps coincidentally) link back to its namesake meme: “I’d rather fall asleep with a cigarette, on a couch soaked in gasoline, because at least ill know what it feels like to burn, and I’ll know if I can feel something.”

Life in Slow Motion plays on the clashing elements of upbeat, dance/mosh-able songs and sad, emotional (and most importantly, relatable) lyrics—ticking all of the boxes in the pop-punk rule book. Let’s just hope we can start going to live shows again because these songs are just begging to be part of the set-list for an intimate, sweaty live show.

Goalkeeper’s new EP is out September 25 via Lost Music Collective. Pre-save a copy here, and check out the video for their latest single “Just Say It” below.


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