Mighty Tortuga are an emo pop punk band from New Haven, CT. Since 2018 they’ve been sharing their 90s/00s emo sound with the world.

Made up of TJ Redding on vocals, Jacob Berberich on guitar, and Jameson Stock on drums, their new EP The Gloom will transport fans back to simpler times when unhealthily skinny jeans, horn-rimmed glasses (with or without lenses), and MySpace were all the rage.

The 4 tracks on The Gloom would definitely have made your MySpace profile back in the day, with the mellow and melancholic riffs opening the EP before the emotionally charged vocals kick in.

Mighty Tortuga The Gloom

There are elements of Transit and Taking Back Sunday in these songs, with the juxtaposition of upbeat instrumental and moody vocals, as well as lyrics that manage to be both self-deprecating and arrogant at the same time. 

Closer “Swimming” is the most cheery track on The Gloom and makes for an insanely catchy emo-pop tune. 

What are you waiting for? Go grab your eyeliner, turn your speakers up to 11 and, blast The Gloom now!

Check out The Gloom out on Spotify here and follow the band on socials here.

Images courtesy of Mighty Tortuga


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