Having recently signed to Theoria Records shortly after the label’s inception this past summer, Virginia Beach quintet RVNT continue to find success in their variety. New EP ‘Hell Follows Me’’ continues the band’s arc of honing a dexterous array of hardcore and metalcore intonations.

“Defy” is a prudent name for the EP opener; indeed the collection as a whole comes over as a defiant charge in the face of adversity. The track is a gnarly and ambitious nu-metal infused throwback, with the sea of chugs and grooves to follow setting a clear guide as to the band’s era.

The closest the collection comes to a traditional metalcore track in its lineage is track #2, with “Reign” showing RVNT’s deft ability to not only bounce between clean and scream but do so in a way that develops the narrative of the track, a rallying cry to find the strength within you to carry on when life is at its toughest.

At the drop of the hat, we’re met by “Sick”, a grisly and unnerving anthem. Heavy and unapologetic; a cathartic F-U to everyone and everything, unloading grief and frustration by the bucket load.

Throughout Hell Follows, RVNT evoke emotion equally successfully when they strip back to the gripping vocal of Ricky Gillis, as when they inject tenacious breakdowns and powerful screams, “Omen” the prime example with its slab of atmospheric and relatable alternative rock.

Despite much of the EP fronting a gritty and visceral tone, RVNT injects melody astutely, both vocally and in Matthew Madariaga and Jeremy Anderson’s guitar work, “Hindsight” showing the atmospheric and rangy heights of this combination.

‘Hell Follows Me’ rates a little higher as a collection of singles than it does as a collection, but despite this, the wave of frustration and grief caused by COVID, relationships and loss, carries a strong narrative throughout the powerful EP.

Pick up a copy of Hell Follows Me, here.


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