Shoegazers’ new, eponymous offering comes in on the short side, but brings more than its fair share of personality, blending power-pop, melodic punk, and emo to tackle the rigors of failed relationships and mental health.

“When You’re Around” is a direct and colorful opener, intertwining enthused riffs with the a melancholy that sits somewhere between the 2010’s emo revival front runners and the ’90s purveyors of the genre. Shoegazers’ first new music since 2019’s ‘Love Notes’ harbors the pent up emotion of the past two years for all to witness.

Influences such as Somos, Rozwell Kid and You Blew It show themselves throughout the Atlanta outfit’s new release. The record is devilishly hooky, and interplays rueful tones with toe-tapping choruses highly effectively. “Pain Behind Your Smile”, both the track and title sum this up aptly—an anxiousness and urgency simmering below the surface;  the expressive emo anthem is intricately delivered but melodic, and creatively so.

Joyful guitars are a perennial force on Shoegazers, the tete a tete between this and the bleak hue of the lyrics offers a thoughtful and, at times cathartic juxtaposition on closer “Drive Your Car.”

There’s bundles of promise on show throughout the new Shoegazers EP, and fans will be hoping their new self-titled effort is merely a taster of things to come in 2022.

Pick up a copy of the album here.


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