While you were learning to bake bread during the latest global pandemic, New York punk band World War IX got a new singer, recorded an album, and made a video to accompany that record. Oh, and pulled together an entirely new comic book series_four total. How did the bread turn out?

On their new, five-song EP Phoning It In, Johnny Celentano steps up to the mic for a frenetic, passionate burst of fun that is over in under 10 minutes. With the self-explanatory, opening track, “Fired For Partying,” the band lay out the tone for EP. Not looking to change the world, the band just want to barrel through a quick collection of sometimes goofy (“Larry’s House”), often hilarious (“Portrait of Sobriety”) songs punctuated with machine-gun drumming and distorted power chords.

There is also a fantastic four comic series that pairs with the EP, the Thank God It’s Monday series created by guitarist Justin Melkmann. The set chronicles the history of World War IX better than any band bio ever could.

Loud, sloppy, and a hell of a lot of fun. If Gov. Cuomo doesn’t make “NYC Tonight” the theme song to the city reopening from COVID restrictions, he deserves to lose the governorship (also, deserves to lose for being a creep).  

Purchase this album.


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