Indie-pop duo OVRGRWN have released their new EP Momentary High via FiXT Neon, and we think it’s well deserving of your attention!

The follow-up to the band’s 2019 debut, O Well, Momentary High perfectly demonstrates OVRGRWN’s signature dark-popwave sound, focusing on big, cinematic soundscapes.

The band say:

“This was possibly the most challenging creative process we’ve encountered — collaborating remotely throughout the quarantine, and enduring the volatile environment happening around us. In a way, there’s a semblance of that frenetic energy in the DNA of the tracks.”

OVRGRWN Momentary High

OVRGRWN expertly blend the synthscapes of ‘80s film scores with contemporary indie pop, creating an sweet and melodic, yet atmospheric, sound that’s not afraid to tap into its dark side.

The duo, California natives Brandon and Danae, met in 2012 when Brandon answered a “drummer wanted” ad on Craigslist to be part of a garage/surf rock project Danae was organizing. The two formed a creative synergy over six years of playing together in the band before branching out into new musical territory with OVRGRWN. 

Check out the “Wasteland” video below, and the full Momentary High EP here.

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Images courtesy of OVRGRWN. Featured image credit: Sergio Gomez.


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