London-based, experimental, noise rock outfit TAYNE are riding high following the release of their brand new EP Coherent, which came out July 2.

The band originated as satire on contemporary pop music and now look to test the limits of “pop” ideology, juxtaposing harsh industrial soundscapes, overproduced vocals and sounds on top of the classic verse/chorus “pop” structures to help form the band’s identity.

TAYNE released Breathe in 2018 and have since shared the stage with the groups like HEALTH and Acid Mothers Temple.

TAYNE chat more about their process preparing Coherent for the public: “We recorded this EP along with a larger body of material that we initially thought would be featured as part of an album. During the recording process, we realized that theses tracks that now form the coherent EP had an identity of their own and we wanted embrace that.”

They continue, offering a hint for listeners around their direction in the future, “We separated these from the album we’ve been working on and let them exist in their own context. This EP is a precursor of the album that we’ve made and is a taster of what to expect next.”

To stream or buy the EP, click here. Check out a live performance of the title single “Coherent” below:

For more from Tayne, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Photo courtesy of Tayne.

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