Tampa punkers What Me Worry? formed in the midst of the global pandemic lockdown as a creative outlet to alleviate boredom.

The first release from the band, Off My Meds is a three-track single, out now through A.D.D. Records, that plays like the world’s smallest concept album for people with short attention spans.

Stream Off My Meds in full below:

Lyrical spit-balls were texted back and forth, cut and pasted, refined, and turned into songs. Songs about the people in their lives. Real-life inspiration expanded into something of a punk rock Marvel universe based on lifelong friends. Names were changed to protect the guilty, and the characters took on a life of their own.

Band members include David DeMedici (Too Many Daves, Catholic Priest), Richie Lawler (Big Sad, Too Many Daves, King Friday, Sandspur City), and John Stanier (Battles, Tomahawk, Helmet, Jehovah’s Sicknesses).

Purchase and stream Off My Meds here.

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