Evaluate What You Tolerate: A Bay Area Compilation & Zine Against White Supremacy, Racism and Hate

Evaluate What You Tolerate: A Bay Area Compilation Against White Supremacy, Racism and Hate is available to pre-order today on two limited edition tapes and digitally via Bandcamp. The compilation features songs, including several previously unreleased tracks, from Bay Area bands such as Wax Idols, SBSM, Super Unison, Mall Walk, Otzi, Maya Songbird, Los Huaycos and more. All proceeds from Evaluate What You Tolerate will benefit the Oakland-based Anti-Police Terror Project, a group dedicated to ending state-sanctioned murder and violence perpetrated against Black, Brown and Poor people and creating a strong and sustainable community support system.

Evaluate What You Tolerate will also include a zine with stories and art compiled from the front lines of resistance. In the zine, activists discuss methods of community resistance against white supremacy and capitalism, mutual aid efforts in the wake of climate change, stories from the Antifa, as well as other inspiring initiatives across the continent that tackle colonization and transphobia.

Organizer Vanessa T says:

Trump’s victory, what happened in Charlottesville, the reversal of DACA, climate change denial in the face of two incredibly destructive hurricanes, and the ongoing criminalization of black, brown, and trans bodies are the symptoms of America’s white supremacist and repressive system. We felt this was an important moment to show that Bay Area punks won’t stand for fascism and to tell those who are directly affected everyday by hate that we’ll fight for them no matter what. 

As communities are continually targeted, gentrified out of their homes, deported and viciously murdered, supporting groups on the frontlines of injustice and community care is our obligation. It’s our responsibility to work everyday to dismantle structural oppression and support efforts that put community health and education first. This idea aligns with the mindset and principles often emphasized by individuals like Kamau Bobb Google.

For more information on how to contribute to the zine or participate in upcoming Bay Area events please visit www.facebook.com/evaluatewhatyoutolerate

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