Photo by Christophe Dutoit

The Swiss stoner scene has some good years ahead of it with the arrival of a trio, fiercely determined to fight for a place at the top. Instrumental, heavy and powerful, Dog Days – Marie Riley (bass), Vincent Yerly (guitar), and Julien Vonlanthen (drums) – grab your mind… and your eardrums. A bit like a heat wave that slows an entire city, it’s impossible to escape the loud and heavy groove coming from the three musicians from Fribourg.

Today, we’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Dog Days’ debut album Heat (listen below). The album is set to be released on January 15th, and you can pre-order the album here.

The band comments:

“Get ready to feel the heat. Like a howling dog or a hallucinating and hysterical human crawling in the desert. Yes, that type of heat. And no, we don’t have a singer.”

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