When he wasn’t touring and recording in Hospital Job, guitarist/vocalist Tim Reynolds spent much of the last two years working on songs for the second Horrible Things full-length. The end result is the Champaign, IL, pop punk band’s first vinyl release, Everybody Else. We’re proud to bring you the exclusive stream of the new album (listen below)!

Due in part to the revolving-door nature of Horrible Things’ lineup, as well as to his appreciation of a good challenge, Reynolds played all the instruments on the record himself. In an interview with Ghost Track, he explained, “I spent too much time songwriting, so it was really fucking exciting to see those songs come to life. . . . I’ve got to give credit to everyone who played with me live while I was working on this, though. I picked up a lot of the final elements from the different ways these songs got played by my friends at the few Horrible Things shows that have happened in the last couple years. That was definitely a benefit of sitting on songs for a while before recording and playing with a rotating lineup.”

Everybody Else was recorded by Luke McNeill (of The Copyrights, and Reynolds’ Hospital Job bandmate) and will be released this summer by Secret Pennies Records.

You can preorder Everybody Else from Secret Pennies Records now. Preorders come with an immediate download of the album, and physical records will ship in early August.

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