We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Iron Jawed Guru‘s new album Mata Hari (listen below). The album is being released on January 29th through Grimoire Records.

Guitarist Mike Lorenzen comments:

“Let me say that it was interesting recording as a two piece for the first time. That was a new experience for both Roy and myself. The EP was recorded in our junkyard garage rehearsal space by Noel Mueller on September 19th 2015. Drums and scratch guitars were recorded first and then I overdubbed the guitar and “bass” simultaneously in two passes with two different guitars. All six songs were done in one effortless 9 hour session. Thanks to the ear and editing skills of Noel we called it a wrap. I believe this EP is a good representation of how we sound and is faithful to the way we sound live which is very important to us.”

Purchase Mata Hari here.

Through a hazy cloud of heavy blues inspired riffs, comes the sonic assault of Iron Jawed Guru, unleashing a soundtrack fitting for an acid-tripping gang of bikers laying rubber on an open highway. Hailing from the mountaineer town of Morgantown, WV, the 2 piece, featuring guitarist Mike Lorenzen, and drummer Roy Brewer first met in 2004 from playing in other bands at the time. It wasn’t until 2013 when the duo began to piece together what was known as the early stages of Iron Jawed Guru. Originally the band featured a third member, Eric Clutter, who later went on to join Karma To Burn. From there, Roy and Mike decided to move on as a two-piece and adapt to their situation. This was what became their new record Mata Hari.

The effort is a 7 song, 25 minute, instrumental onslaught, displaying a creative touch on the psychedelic stoner-rock formula that bands like Clutch and Kyuss made popular in the ’90s. The record is bass-less, but is filled out with a touch of an octave pedal, and a little A-B action to fill it out. At times the record is quick featuring a more punk vibe, especially in tracks like Navajo and Tremors, with nods to crossover legends like Fu Manchu and Orange Goblin. During Vesuvius and Gemini the record catches it breath, almost a mere dying pulse, where the tempo is slowed dramatically and gives more love to the dope-smoking head-nodding riffs in the vein of The Sword or Sleep.

The title was taken from an old pinball machine of the same name, which was then used as the main focus of the album title and artwork. The photographs included in the packaging were taken by the illusive third member, Eric Clutter.


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