Photo by Emily Dubin

We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Mike Pays Heat‘s debut full-length album Tape 1 Play, being released independently on January 15th through their Bandcamp, the same day as their album release show Mantua Yacht Club in Philadelphia, PA. You can RSVP to the show via Facebook here.

The band comments on the release:

“‘Tape 1 Play’ is our first full-length record. It’s an album about all the trivialities that make up a life, and maybe it’s about realizing that, for better or for worse, they’re a lot more significant than you think. We gave this piece of music our best shot, and we’re really proud of what it’s become. It’s filled with new sounds, old sounds, tiny details, mistakes, crashes, swells, way too many metaphors, and a whole lot more. It also bears mentioning that this album as it exists today wouldn’t have been possible without the love and labor of our unofficial fifth member, producer, engineer, and best friend, Martin Black. We hope you’ll find something about it to enjoy.”

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