We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Sea of Storms‘ debut album Dead Weight, out tomorrow (June 9th) through Self Aware Records and Tor Johnson Records.

Sea of Storms features ex-members of Mouthbreather, Wow Owls, The Set-Up, Race The Sun. Dead Weight was recorded at The Etching Tin in Richmond, VA by Chris Compton and was mastered by Carl Saff.

Purchase Dead Weight here: Self Aware Records | Tor Johnson Records

These songs won’t ever be on the radio, but they could’ve been.

Growing up in the ‘90s, you wouldn’t have heard any of the songs from Sea of Storms’s debut LP, Dead Weight, on the radio because they hadn’t been written yet. However, if the Richmond, VA power trio had released them roughly 20 years ago, you would’ve had a chance.

Growing up in a post-­Nevermind era throughout different Virginian cities, the members of Sea of Storms were gripping 7”s from Richmond bands when they could and ripping off a variety of sub­genres that blended together at the time in their high school bands. When the 3/5 of the post­hardcore outfit Mouthbreather formed Sea of Storms in 2012, they brought together a varied archive of influences from Jimmy Eat World to 400 Years to Coheed and Cambria. However, Dead Weight sounds nothing like these bands.

What Dead Weight does sounds like is a rock record from a time when Danzig and Smashing Pumpkins were considered fresh, filtered through the distilled punk essence of late ­’90s angsty indie rockers such as The Get Up Kids and Blank.

Having played together for six years, Sea of Storms’ dynamics are impressive. From bassist John Martin’s rolling bass lines to drummer Chris Brown’s propulsive, metered beats, Sea of Storms has found their groove. Singer/guitarist Brandon Peck makes an excellent front man, creatively filling in space with feedback, riffs and vocals. Take, for example, the hazy rock tracks such as “Pathos” and “Crimson Tide”. Dramatic moments ebb and flow with a series of guitar and vocal interplay as the rhythm section holds down the fort, calling to mind Walter Screifels’ projects or a more aggressive, spaced out Hot
Rod Circuit.

The greatest strengths on Dead Weight are the songs themselves. Sea of Storms are able to craft well­written emotionally­tinged rock anthems without veering into the embarrassing “emo” territory (because that word meant something completely different when they first heard it). Stand out tracks in this vein include “Snake Oil” and album closer “Cedar Run”.

While nodding to the past, Sea of Storms looks towards the future, looking to expand on their musical roots how they can. If you’re a fan of big guitars and songs that make you want to drive along open roads with the windows down, Dead Weight is the record you’ve been waiting for.

Sea of Storms Tour Dates:
June 08 – Louisville KY @Mag Bar w/ Fast Friends Friends
June 09 – Atlanta GA @The Drunken Unicorn w/ Get Damned, Seagulls
June 10 – Gainesville FL@Loosey’s – Downtown Gainesville w/ Sunshine State
June 11 – St. Augustine FL @ Nobby’s Tavern w/Telepathic Lines
June 12 – Charleston SC @The Sparrow w/ Burnt Books
June 13 – Columbia SC @ New Brookland Tavern w/Burnt Books
June 14 – Greensboro NC@ The Green Bean w/ Totally Slow, Gut Feeling
July 23 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Planes Mistaken for Stars
July 24 – Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre w/ Planes Mistaken For Stars
Oct 30 – Nov 01 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest

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