We’re please to bring you the exclusive stream of Seasons Change‘s new album Please Don’t Leave, set to be release tomorrow (April 7th) through No Sleep Records.

Vocalist Anthony Robles comments on the album:

“Though we’ve always taken extra care to write songs that are special to us, writing the songs on ‘Please Don’t Leave’ was a new and heartfelt experience. It was the first time in a long time that we didn’t have to rush any songs out, and we were able to make sure that everything we had as individuals went into every part of the record. Those that know us personally will listen to this CD and hear a piece of each of us in every song. Each one is about something that happened in my life over the last year, all life changing and eye opening experiences that I feel made me a better, stronger person. I can only hope that people will listen to this record, relate to it, and enjoy it knowing that all of words and notes they hear are genuine and mean the world to five individuals that never thought they’d leave home. Love it or hate it, we just want to share it with the world.”

Purchase Please Don’t Leave here.

Seasons Change is a pop-punk band based just outside of Los Angeles in Pico Rivera, CA. The band got their start playing shows around Southern California every weekend and quickly developed a reputation for their meaningful and memorable songs and their explosive live shows. Performing in predominantly garages and backyards, Seasons Change was truly a DIY affair. For the release of their 2013 EP,Nothing & Everything, Seasons Change sold out local punk venue Aladdin Jr’s in Pomona to nearly 300 fans singing every word. It was then that it became apparent that the band was now a rising force in the LA pop-punk scene.

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