Los Angeles based Spanish Love Songs have signed with their hometown label Wiretap Records, and we’re pleased to bring you the full album stream today as part of the reissue of their debut album Giant Sings the Blues, which was originally self-released in May 2015. The extended reissue includes 3 new tracks recorded for the re-release. Check it out below!

Guitarist/vocalist Dylan Slocam comments:

“I get bored with songs easily, and after releasing ‘Giant in March’ of last year, I was itching to record new tracks by August. Thankfully, I’m in a band of enablers, so we pieced together a few random days in the studio to track an EP. We had planned on doing it the way we always have: have Kyle (guitar) record it and put it out ourselves. But then we met Rob & the Wiretap family, and realized it would be nice to have actual support on a release. And when Wiretap said they wanted to re-release ‘Giant,’ it felt right to include the EP with it as an extended version. These songs are companion songs to the album — they were written around the same time, and really put a close to what I’ve been yelling about for the past three years. We’re absolutely thrilled to be giving them and the rest of ‘Giant’ a proper release. Hopefully it’ll reach some new ears, we’ll tour this summer, and then I’ll be able to convince everyone to let me back into the studio for LP2.”

Purchase Giant Sings the Blues here!


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