We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of The Erkonauts‘ debut album I Did Something Bad, being released on February 12th through Kaotoxin Records.

The Erkonauts features half of the late Sybreed lineup and has been produced by ex-Sybreed / Samael member Drop, who also plays ukulele (yep!) on the album. They’ve been touring USA, Asia and Europe relentlessly since their inception in 2014 and are just back from their second US tour.

The band comments:

“‘I Did Something Bad’ was a DIY effort that took on the path to become a fairytale. We just put all we had in making a fine album, tight, a bit catchy, a bit evil… and it was great news upon great news from that point on. The good people from Kaotoxin seem to have fallen in love with it, and blessed it with worldwide release. We are immensely happy with this outcome, and took the opportunity to add two songs to it. The title “Machine,” being about the link between instinct and reason will also be getting its own video, so it’s all good things.”

Purchase I Did Something Bad here.


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