We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Brave The Waters‘ new EP, Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days, which is being released independently on May 12th. Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days is the debut recordings of the New York-based instrumental duo.

Purchase Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days here.

Created by two New York musicians who both hold rank in epic death/doom quintet, Grey Skies Fallen, and spastic hardcore/powergrinders, Buckshot Facelift, the tranquil, wandering, instrumental passages the duo produces with Brave The Waters are far removed from the extreme ways of their other acts. The third of the half-dozen arrangements on Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days, “Voice Of The Ancient Oak” is one of the act’s favorites, and while it seemingly fell into place on its own — having been executed and captured in about a half hour — stands out as a glowing highlight of Brave The Waters’ maiden release. Issues the Taskmaster of The Obelisk on the ebbing movement, “Composed, according to the duo, in about half an hour, and expressed completely in three minutes, it’s emblematic of the efficiency with which Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days is able to conjure its atmospheres, and still holds firm to the human sensibility at the core of the project — two friends getting together and trying something new instrumentally that’s soaked in reverb and giving a brief look at a vast sonic horizon.”

The Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days cover art was done by Travis Smith.

Brave The Waters - Chapter 1 - Dawn of Days cover

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