Interview with Mike Searle (bass)
By Poncho

Altars are a young Christian Hardcore band set on having their voices heard. They spent most of last year on the road trying to reach as many ears as they could, and are now back with a more open-minded and mature full-length album. Focusing on bringing people together for positive change, the album is full of intensity, and melody. You will certainly be coming back for a second listen.

Did spending most of 2012 on the road in support of your first full-length gain you guys as much buzz as you were hoping for?

It’s a slow process. Although slow, it’s been great to see more and more people showing up at least knowing who we are. After two years of touring, we are now touring with acts like Shai Hulud. That sort of honor is a great reward for having toured as much as we have. 

Do you think Something More will bring you guys up to a new level of being a recognized and operational touring band?

I do. I think the album is an honest expression of ourselves, and I believe that when peoples expressions are for the good of themselves and others, the world has a way of rewarding and enhancing life as a result.

I know this album marks a new place in your guy’s lives, musically and personally, could you describe how you all have grown since your first album? What do you think separates this one from the last?

Primarily, I think our minds have been opened to whole new worlds of music since our first album. I feel as though we started writing with our minds in a box, and that we’ve since broken certain boundaries that existed before. I believe that Something More mostly separates itself from Conclusions by spanning across a much larger musical spectrum.

What are some of the major lyrical themes of Something More?

Humility, and the idea of looking at things from new and different perspectives. My goal for the lyrics throughout Something More is that they will successfully express that, despite personal differences, human beings can still come together to benefit our world – our Earth. We don’t care about our listeners’ religious preference, the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, whether they’re straightedge or not; we think that people of all types can unify in order to make good things happen.  |

Check their upcoming tour dates with Carousel Kings and Half Hearted Hero here:

Altars - Something More cover

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  1. Saw these dudes with Leaders a few weeks ago! I have never met a better group of guys!

    PS- Just making sure, but isn’t Mike the bassist? And who the hell is the guy on the left in that picture? Haha

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