Welcome to the Taurean Empire; a decaying land where disease, war and corruption is rife. A wretched place of man and beast, where deception, fear and despair fills every dank alleyway and the stench of suffering drifts across endless, sun-scorched plains. As way of ensuring safe passage through this hellish hour, let us introduce your guides for the journey; four road-hardened mortals, brought together by luck, power and coincidence. Ladies and Gentlemen, take up arms and go safely as Age of Taurus show you a world inhabited by the Desperate Souls of Tortured Times


Age of Taurus
Interview with Toby Wright (vocals, guitar)

By Tony Shrum

Desperate Souls of Tortured Times is out later this month. Are you getting anxious to have the years of transition in sound be heard by fans?

Well, it’s been over three years since the In the Days of the Taurean Empire demo and we’re extremely keen to see what people will make of the new material. Whilst it’s safe to say that we can still be classed as a doom metal band, we’ve brought in quite a few other elements from across the metal spectrum and I think that’s evident in the songs/sound found on the album. That said, we’re pretty sure that if people liked the demo, they’re going to enjoy Desperate Souls of Tortured Times!

Was there a different approach to making music when moving from a one-man music project to a full band? Any reworking, re-configuring?

Absolutely, it’s completely different working out material as a four piece. Where previously I wrote everything and sought no additional input or opinion on the music, it’s now a collective effort. We work through everything together; be it arranging ideas, melodies, structure – the whole package. This has really given us the opportunity to use the strengths of each person when writing and that’s been very refreshing. It’s also meant that the material has passed four points of “quality control” as opposed to one and anything that we haven’t all been 100% happy with, we’ve scrapped or adapted.

What can you tell me about the track we’re streaming, “A Rush of Power”?

“A Rush of Power” is the opening track on the album and is effectively one of the earliest chapters in the overall story. I should probably explain a little bit about the lyrical ideas behind the band to begin with; The Age of Taurus is a mythical period from the ancient past, where a huge sprawling continent (The Taurean Empire) was ruled by an evil sadistic half-bull half-man. He was a relentless tyrant, tormenting everyone that lived in the empire during his reign. “A Rush of Power” tells the story (from a first person perspective) of the night he met his destiny and changed from an abandoned adolescent human into a bloodthirsty, twisted beast.

Are all the songs on Desperate Souls of Tortured Times part of this central story about The Taurean Empire, or is each song separate?

Whilst all the songs are separate entities, they are part of the wider tales of the Taurean Empire. Some songs act as a narrative, describing places and events, whilst others are from the perspective of individual characters within the story. Some might automatically assume that DSOTT is a concept album, but it would probably be more accurate to say that Age of Taurus are a concept band!

If there’s more to the story for each song, or the album overall, will it ever surface in some form, or will we be left with Desperate Souls of Tortured Times and our imaginations?

It’s funny that you ask that. It’s a long term plan that I have to actually turn the ideas/tales from the Taurean Empire into a series of novels. However, that’s a LONG term plan and for the meantime I’m very keen on letting our music and lyrics do the storytelling. Each of our releases will continue and expand upon the themes, characters and places found on DSOTT and we’re, in fact, already working on material for our next record.

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Age of Taurus - Desperate Sould of Tortured Times 2013


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