Words & Photos by Alan Snodgrass  |  digitaldiversion.net

On September 17, Bay Area thrash titans Exodus put the word out on their Facebook page that they needed metal guys to help out with a music video for their upcoming release, Blood In, Blood Out, the band’s first record with Steve “Zetro” Souza on vocals since 2004’s Tempo of the Damned. New Noise Magazine was invited down to Soundwave Studios in Oakland to cover the filming of the video for the album’s title track, directed by Shan Dan Horan.

If you had rolled up unaware to the studio set in the shadow of the MacArthur Maze around 4pm on Wednesday, you may have opted to pull a u-turn rather than run the gauntlet of 50 or so dudes lingering in the street, wearing white t-shirts and looking like bad news. If you had in inkling of what was going on, you quickly knew that you were in the right place.

The lingerers outside soon joined another 50-ish guys inside a steamy hot, fogged-up warehouse where they formed a circle around the band and pretty much rocked-out take-after-take as Blood In, Blood Out blasted through the PA. If you missed it, a stream of the song had only been released the day before so Gary Holt paused after the first take to straighten out the lyrics to the song’s chorus to which someone in the crowd quipped, “dude, the song just came out yesterday!”

With each take, the circle around the band grew tighter and both the band and crowd got wilder, every once in a while someone yelling out, “when do we get to mosh!?” Even the band was clearly having a blast … Holt not ready to step out of the sweaty pit when he called for yet another take.

From there the band stepped back as the participants staged a “Fight Club”-style prison brawl that … you guessed … ended in the mosh and “blood out.” Keep an eye out for this video because by all accounts, it’s certain to be as badass as the song.


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