Texas Progressive/Melodic Death Metallers FALL will self-release The Insatiable Weakness on January 26, 2016. Technically accomplished and musically magnificent, the album is a tour de force of dual-guitar firepower and unforgettable melodies. Chemistry is key and The Insatiable Weakness is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Today, we’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of their new song “” (listen below).

Featuring the dynamic rhythm section of session drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) and bassist extraordinaire David Gutierrez, the guitar wizardry of Daniel Benavides, and the soaring vocals and colorful keys of Jessie Santos, The Insatiable Weakness is one of 2016’s first awe-inspiring journeys into the progressive metal realm. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Robert Beltran at Precision Studios.

Purchase The Insatiable Weakness here.

The Insatiable Weakness Track Listing:
1. From Ashes
2. Not of the Sky
3. Ever Hollow
4. Harvester *
5. Cinis **
6. Desolation
7. Soul Ignition
8. …to dust
9. Empty
10. Gods of Ruin
11. You were but a Shade

* Guest vocals on “Harvester” by Jessie Frye
** Guest vocals on “Cinis” by Asa Dubberly


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