We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Hells’ new song “1-800-SHITFIT” (listen below). The song is taken from the band’s upcoming EP Paradise, being release on May 13th through Seeing Red Records.

Recorded by guitarist Brad Wallace at the bands’ practice studio in the Port Richmond neighborhood of North Philadelphia, Hells brought the grime and manic energy of their surroundings into the studio with them. “1-800-SHITFIT,” a frantic slab of start and stop hardcore a la Cursed boasts: I want to be asphyxiated, that will make it all okay, while closer “Night Creeps” spends almost 4 minutes pummeling your ears with a monolithic down-stroked guitar intro before it crescendos into a catchy mid-tempo verse riff that brings to mind that glory days of DRI amongst other crossover legends.

Purchase Hells’ Paradise here.

Relentlessly negative and aggressively earsplitting, Philadelphia’s Hells create a sound that forces you to take notice. Together for only two years, the band has quickly built a solid reputation as a consistently intense live band fusing different styles of modern and classic metallic hardcore while maintaining an original aesthetic often missing from their peers. Formed by members of Orchid, Transistor Transistor, Brain Dead, Wolves, Sore Saints, Psychic Teens, Heathen Reign, among others, Hells cultivates a sound from a variety of influences and ideas to create a their own uniquely pissed off brand of hardcore.


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