Locket have announced they’ll be releasing their new EP, Never There, Never Was, through Take This To Heart Records on May 6th, and in anticipation of the released we’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of their new single “Everything’s Fine” (listen below).

Guitarist Greg comments: “‘Everything’s Fine’ was really the first track we wrote to step into the sound of the upcoming record. It was one of our heaviest layered songs, and we really tried to expand what we could do guitar-wise. There is 3 different guitars and 4 different amps that we ran through, and we think it really shows a lot of depth sonically. Vocally we took cues of the callback lines that many bands we look up to do, and tried to make it our own, and pushed to have more range and dynamics, weaving from soft and breathy to full-blown vocal assault. It definitely has become one of our favorite live tracks, and we’re excited to debut it as a representation of the upcoming EP.

Purchase Never There, Never Was here.

Never There, Never Was Track Listing:
1. Stairdweller
2. Curiosity Killed Me
3. Everything’s Fine
4. Born To Hide
5. Dead Letters

Austin, Texas based rock/post-punk band Locket take influences from an extensive amount of bands. Ranging from the harder side of La Dispute and Mewithoutyou but not limiting themselves to more melodic driven bands such as Glassjaw and Brand New. Locket’s all out vocal assault and driving guitars blend eloquently with their pulsing drums as they seamlessly switch from loud to quiet and then back again.

These longtime friends intend to capture the raw emotion of the music that helped shape who they are today. Formed in 2014, and with only word of mouth, DIY booking, and no actual release of music, the band quickly filled local and regional lineups and built relationships and networks with bands and fans. An honest excitement was being built that was reminiscent of bands that helped build our youth.

With the release of their new EP Never There, Never Was, Locket build on a multitude of sounds that ring throughout their 2015 self-titled debut. Expanding and maturing, Locket take what worked so well for them and mold it into their own unique take on the post-punk/post-hardcore genre.


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