We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Marriage + Cancer‘s new 7″ Killjoy, being released on October 24th through Dirt Cult Records and Bulkhead Records. Listen to both tracks from the 7″ below.

Marriage + Cancer are a distorted-melodic punk band from Portland, Oregon. Members have played together in various projects for years, if not decades.

Described by the Portland Mercury as, “crooked, anxious, punk-flecked rock,” Marriage + Cancer are a band that writes some disturbing songs about the real things that keep paranoid and aware people up at night. Through catchy melodies and warm tones balanced by distorted noise, hard rhythms, and a mix of reserved reverbed-out vocals and cracked screams, there is a pervasive unease, a warning about the real demons that haunt this world. These are protest songs against the terrible things that human beings do to one another, and the unease of living in a world where these terrible things are happening every day.

Purchase Killjoy here.

Previous to Marriage + Cancer, Robert and Erin formed the band Nucular Aminals (K Records) when they shared a tiny studio apartment in San Francisco back in 2007. The transition to this current heavier, more punk-influenced version of their project is something they had been looking forward to for years. Jay and Robert are childhood friends who met after Robert responded to an ad Jay had posted looking for fellow musicians to start a band in North Phoenix, where they are both from.  You may know Chad from his most recent drumming for the bands Company and Anchor Down. Robert met him at a bar when Chad passed him a note asking if he was looking for a drummer.

Marriage + Cancer will be touring the West Coast from  October 30th to November 8th and will be going on a lengthier US tour following the release of their full-length album in 2016.

Marriage + Cancer Tour Dates:
October 24 – The Know (Portland, OR) w/ Low Culture, Dark/Light (ex-Triggers) Facebook Event
October 30 – Office Space (Seattle, WA) w/ Bad Future
October 31 – Neato Burrito (Spokane, WA)
November 02 – Real Art (Tacoma, WA)
November 03 – Wandering Goat (Eugene, OR)
November 04 – Third Space Art Collective (Davis, CA) w/ Night Children, Starrsha
November 05 – Cafe Colonial (Sacramento, CA) w/ Vasas, Monster Treasure
November 06 – Sqraffito (Oakland, CA) w/ Swiftumz
November 07 – The Holland Project (Reno, NV)

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