Pavement Music will release Deep Breath, the debut album from Greek hard rockers One Year Delay, on October 2nd. And in anticipation of the album’s release, we’re excited to bring you the premiere of a new track off Deep Breath, titled “Headhunters” (listen below).

On Deep Breath, O.Y.D. combine elements of metal, punk, grunge and rock ‘n roll to create an enthralling hard rock experience. The album was co-produced with the legendary Toby Wright at  Sound Emporium Studios, Nashville TN. Wright also mixed and engineered it. The album was mastered by Andrew Mendelson.

The band comments on the song:

“‘Headhunters’ is one of the songs that were written and conceived at the last part of our “pre Nashville” period.It is rather obvious to the listener that the lyrics have to do with a person whose life is under serious threat by some contract killer team.The reasons are not clear though it is implied that he owes an amount of money he cannot pay back and the people he messed with are not joking…Musically speaking ,this song reflects our dirty/pure rock n’roll influences and aims at transmitting the feeling of agony of the person who is under attack and the vicious decisiveness of the assassins.We thought that ,by using disco drumming during the verses ,in contrast with the raw burst of the chorus would achieve this feeling…”

thx,George O.Y.D.

Purchase Deep Breath here.

Deep Breath Track Listing:
1. Gunpoint
2. Headhunters
3. Truth, Dare, Despair
4. Water Under the Bridge
5. Miss You
6. Try to Stay Alive
7. 5m, 9k

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