We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Bay Area alternative punk act Sarchasm‘s new single entitled “You and Me,” which will appear on the band’s new EP Challenger, due out early 2016 on Oakland, CA based VLE Records.

Along with the single, the band has shared the first glimpse of the EP cover art, depicting wreckage from the ill-fated Challenger Space Shuttle, which met its end in 1986 upon launch.

The band comments:

“We are beyond stoked to release our first single in two years! We feel we’ve grown and evolved a lot as a band since 2013’s Help, I Need an Adult, and we’re really excited about the group of songs we’ve put together for Challenger. “You & Me” details the experience of losing and gaining friends throughout ones’ life. Basically, it’s the idea that yeah, you’re going to lose friends over the years, it’s inevitable – but it’ll be okay in the end.”

The Challenger EP is set to feature five new tracks, and is the bands third release since formation in 2010. Fans have waited two years for new material from Sarchasm, and the EP is a highly anticipated follow-up to its preceding album, Help! I Need an Adult, released in 2012.

VLE Records label owner Gregg White has released this statement:

Each Sarchasm record so far has methodically become more dynamic in its character. The band have grown within their sound, and undoubtedly incorporated outside influences and music trends that continue to shape their writing process. The new record (Challenger) as a whole is unique in a way that will define “alternative punk” as an emerging genre within the punk community.”

Pre-orders for the Challenger EP are available via the label’s webstore, and the band is set for a small series of tour dates to support the release in 2016.

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