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We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Sci-Fi Romance‘s new track “If I Fell.” The song is taken from the band’s upcoming release Dust Among The Stars, out January 2016.

The band comments on the track:

“Like most SFR songs, it started with me and an acoustic guitar. Once the song was written, I made a demo for Jody, and she wrote all the cello stuff. This one was weird because I really struggled with the drum part. It started out much more straightforward, which felt wrong. I finally ‘found’ the right part before we hit the studio, which wound up being vastly different from the demo part. Usually the demos are pretty close to the final song. Not this time. But for me the thing that ties it together is the real reverby, 1960s-vibe lead part, which I basically improvised in the studio, sitting at the mixing console with a guitar.

Like a lot of songwriters, I believe that what a song means to the person who wrote it is just as valid as what it means to the person listening, even if they’re different meanings. That said, I went through a very long relationship drought at one point, and one of the hardest things to process when I found myself back in a serious relationship was not knowing if I could trust what I was feeling. It was like I didn’t remember what you were supposed to feel and when, and always worrying about what happens if you’re wrong?”

Upcoming Show:
November 13 – Pig ‘N Whistle – Hollywood, CA

Sci-Fi Romance is an alt-folk/Americana band from Los Angeles, led by singer and songwriter Vance Kotrla. With a lineup of guitar, drums, and cello, the band’s dark, textured sound is evocative of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, American Records-era Johnny Cash, and contemporary folk-influenced acts like The Decemberists or Iron & Wine. Sci-Fi Romance has released two albums to-date – 2012’s The Ghost of John Henry and 2010’s …and surrender my body to the flames –  both of which earned considerable praise and landed on several reviewers’ Best of the Year lists.

Written as a concept album that re-imagines the folk tale of John Henry – a railroad worker who raced a steam drill at the dawn of mechanization and won – The Ghost of John Henry breaks the story down into its most human elements. It focuses on love and loss, and a man’s place in an evolving world. Immediately praised on its release as “the best album of the year” (, “outstanding” (Mad Mackerel), and “honest folk-pop music in its rawest glory” (Hear! Hear!). It is an album that embraces folk tradition, with a number of entirely acoustic tracks, and also carries that tradition forward, with inventive arrangements and instrumentation that can blur genre lines.

The band’s debut album, …and surrender my body to the flames, has a more lo-fi feel. It was performed entirely by Vance Kotrla on each of the instruments, and offers a more introspective and subdued set of tracks. Released quietly in the Fall of 2010, the album nevertheless made a number of the year’s Top 10 lists, and its literary and heartfelt approach to contemporary folk music was described by The Slums Off Hollywood Blvd. as “somber Nick Cave meets Joseph Heller with a screening of Metropolis in the background.”

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