We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Sibiir‘s new track “These Rats We Deny.” The song is taken from the band’s upcoming EP Swallow & Trap Them, out September 4th through Disiplin Media.

The band comments on the album:

“‘Swallow and Trap Them’ is the result of our different musical influences. We wanted to combine the brutality of Sibiir with dreary atmospheres and melodies. When it comes to songwriting there are no rules, except making music that is harder, more evil sounding, and more uncompromising than any of us have ever made before.”

Purchase Swallow & Trap Them here.

Featuring members of Sigh & Explode, Jack Dalton, Do You Love Melena? and Call:Vega, Sibiir is a young band from Olso’s underground scene.

The group was formed just a year ago, when five experienced musicians decided to get together and craft some heavy and intense tunes that would reflect their mutual love for the heavier and darker side of music. Heavy and dark are just two of Sibiir’s qualities. On their first official release, the five-piece explore a wide range of styles and moods, merging the aggression and fury of hardcore with the gloomy melodies of post-metal and a dash of black metal vitriol. These two songs, the first ones ever recorded, already exude a remarkable confidence and cohesion and although the Norwegians aren’t exactly new to the game, this achievement truly deserve some plaudits.

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