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We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Sic Waiting‘s new song “Active Alumni,” the first track being released from the band’s upcoming full-length Derailer, out October 23rd through Felony Records.

Vocalist / guitarist Jared Stinson comments:

“This song is a reflection of the past few years of this band, and the difficulties that come with trying to stay afloat and make progress while at the same time trying just to keep it together. Music is a tough scene man, on all fronts. For us, we just do whatever needs to be done to keep going. Everyone that plays in SW are close friends, but our band isn’t the stereotypical “four lifelong pals that grew up making music together start a band and ride off into the sunset” story. Everything that we do is hard, and we work really fuckin’ hard at everything we do. It used to be something that was a real downer, but I think at this point it’s more a badge of honor.”

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There’s a bit more to Sic Waiting’s new album, which they tell you about here:

“We wanted to do something with this release that could be a little less self-absorbed in the midst of a big ‘look at us, aren’t we cool’ album push, even if only a little. So for the next few weeks you’ll get to stream a new song per week – that’s normal promo for a release. This time though, you’re going to be able to purchase it weeks before the record is available to anyone, anywhere, with all the proceeds going to various nonprofits we support and have had ties to. You’ll only be able to get each song for a short time, so get on it! Download “Active Alumni” here.

This week, all the proceeds from the limited early release of ‘Active Alumni’ will go to the nonprofit organization To Write Love On Her Arms. TWLOHA is an organization dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Over the years, a number of people around Sic Waiting have dealt with these issues. They’re dark, dangerous issues that require real treatment. No amount of help is too small, so thank you guys for doing something good today!”

Sic Waiting ‘Derailer’ Release Tour:
10/21 – Las Vegas, NV – Beauty Bar
10/23 – San Diego, CA – Til Two Club
10/24 – Fullerton, CA – Slidebar
10/25 – Los Angeles, CA – Redwood Bar
10/29 – Gainesville, FL – Pre-Fest 14
10/31 – Gainesville, FL – Fest 14 (Durty Nelly’s)
11/5 – San Juan, Puerto Rico – Handlebar
11/6 – Mayaguez, Puerto Rico – La Tertulia
11/7 – Ponce, Puerto Rico – Papa Pepe
11/11 – Trenton, NJ – Millhill Basement
11/12 – New York City, NY – Fat Baby
11/13 – Bay Shore, NY – Even Flow
11/14 – Beacon, NY – TBA
11/15 – Bay Shore, NY – Even Flow (acoustic)
11/21 – Tijuana, MX – Moustache Bar

Sic Waiting - Derailer Tour 2015

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