We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Slow Code‘s new Marketable Skills EP (listen below), which is available through Glory Kid Ltd.

Guitarist/vocalist Charlie Wagner comments:

“In the summer of 2014, the three of us holed up in the basement to write some songs because it seemed like a fun thing to do. Somehow a year and a half has passed by and those tunes are now being put out into the world. We cranked this batch out to two-inch tape over four long days in October 2015, with the incomparable Nich Wilbur helming the boards at the Unknown in Anacortes WA, crashing out on the control room’s wood floor every night. Much appreciation for the time we’ve been given and the support we’ve been shown in our community thus far, we hope y’all enjoy the culmination of the last 18 months’ worth of this band’s work.”

Purchase Marketable Skills here.

Upcoming Shows:
December 19 – Seattle WA @ Kraken Bar w/ Medicine Bows, the Sun Giants, Naked Space
January 12 – Seattle WA @ Black Lodge w/ Where My Bones Rest Easy, Dream Ritual, Hemingway
January 31 –  Olympia WA @ Westside Lanes w/ Infinite Flux, Sinkholes, Coast Culture
February 6 –  Bellevue WA @ Ground Zero w/ Animal Backwards, Artificial Heat

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