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We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Stop Breathing‘s new song “No Escape.” The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album V, out August 11th through Bad Touch Records, Rotten To The Core Records, and Burning Tree Records.

The band comments on the song:

It’s about how we are all stuck on planet earth, there’s no where for us to go, yet we continue to kill each other. The amount of money, brain power, & resources going into creating all these different ways to kill each other kinda sickens me. I hope one day we will realize we’re all stuck here, we can just continue to kill each other, or learn to work together & do so much more with our lives!

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A tight knit union of bandits also hailing from The Fucking Wrath, Glass & Ashes, The Missing 23rd, Young Livers and other acts, Stop Breathing has been pounding out their energetic skate-punk/late-‘80s hardcore since 2009 Cranking things up another few notches with their fifth official release, in their fifth year as a band, V was recorded in two sessions; the first in 2013 right before bassist Mike Carter moved to Portland, and the second nine months later with everything but bass. They sent the songs up to Portland, where Carter would track the bass lines and backing screams, after which it was mastered by Paul Miner at Buzz Bomb Sound Labs (Death By Stereo, H20). Hurtling a dozen new anthems point-blank into the population in just over thirty minutes, V surges with the restless angst of early Western US heroes 7 Seconds, Poison Idea, The Descendents, and The Circle Jerks delivered in a fired-up contemporary attack fans of everything from Good Riddance and Kid Dynamite to Bane and Kill Your Idols will dive into like a swirling circle pit.

V Tracklisting:
1. So Now
2. Don’t Tell Me
3. Breaking Ground
4. By The Balls
5. Keep Gunning
6. I Can’t Stop
7. Ben Halen
8. No Escape
9. Sing Along
10. Stay Blind
11. More Of The Same
12. Until We Die

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