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I. From The Depths…
This was specifically written as an intro to the album and currently serves as the intro music to the De Profundis live shows. We wanted to sound almost like a film soundtrack, epic and huge. You can really feel the sub-bass from the bass drums reverberating all around the venue, just before we hit the stage. A great feeling.

II. Delirium
The first song we had completed for the 3rd album, and probably one of our most extreme to the date. Many people have commented that this is one of their favourite De Profundis tracks. Definitely a complex track that showcases the band’s sound. This song really summarises what De Profundis is about with the heavy, darker, fast and melancholic parts all in one song. If someone who is new to us doesn’t get this song then they probably won’t understand or appreciate the rest of our music. Every song we write has to have a journey and this one really showcases all those ideas.

III. Silent Gods
Another live favourite, which is often the track that we open the show with. Another quite varied track, but this time with a more of death metal feel. The guitar arrangements here are quite cool as the two guitars are doing something different almost all the time. 

IV. This Wretched Plague
Quite a dark and brooding track, and not the easiest to play as well one the guitar. The main guitar riff has some wide stretches on the guitar which is never easy to play.   We joke that the intro sounds a bit like a certain The Eagles song, but we can assure that any resemblance is purely coincidental! Quite a brutal track, with a jazzy bass solo. Why not. 

V. Twisted Landscapes 
We did the a music video for this track, and this is probably as close to a “single” that we’ve written. The video was directed by the excellent Phil Berridge, and stars Natalie Martins, a very talented up-and-coming actress from the UK. It was really fun to film this. The chords under the chanting part was the main hook of the song which one of our guitarist came up with during rehearsal one evening. We wrote this song really quickly to be honest all the parts just started flowing together when we were jamming in the studio. 

VI. Release 
Probably one of our more “out-there” tracks, with technical sections in weird time signatures (there is a 7/8 and a 13/8…), but still very good to play live. For the piano solo at the end, we had asked a guy called Andrew Lim to play a jazz solo. Over that same section we also have some flamenco guitars, shakers and bongos.. Metal! This song was a real struggle to finish, one of our guitarist had those odd time part written early in the writing process but we just couldn’t get them to work within the context of a song. So after a lot of arguments and head scratching we got this song to work, and we love playing it live, it brutal and out there at the same time. A bit like Delirium in the sense that it shows that we are not afraid to take risk especially with the jazz section at the end. Its always funny to see people’s reaction when we play this live, some love the ending and some just hate it. We recently toured with Endstille and  their drummer told us at the end of the show that its really cool when we play that because he can see us smiling and sending a big “fuck you” to everyone. 

VII. Dead Inside 
This song is very full on, probably our most intense and brutal song. The middle section is fun to play live, as it features two handed tapping on both guitar and bass. Incidentally that section was written several years before De Profundis was formed by one of the guitarists on a bass guitar… it was lucky he found it in a recorded demo! The guitar solo is really cool to play live, and most people won’t realises that there is an entire passage in that solo played in octaves which is totally influenced by Wes Montgomery. 

VIII. Parallel Existence 
Seems customary for De Profundis albums to feature an instrumental track. This features a solo from each of the instrumentalists in the band. Our vocalist Craig went on holiday for a couple of weeks and ordered us to finish writing the instrumental for the album by the time he is back. We duly abided. The track has not been played live as of yet, but perhaps one day it will…

IX. Unbroken (A Morbid Embrace) 
We wanted to have an epic album closer, and here it is! The main chord progression for this song had actually been around since the writing of the second album, but we never got it to work until we started writing this album. Once we changed the rhythm it worked great. The ending of the song starts out as a nod to the band’s doomier old days, but then develops into a multi-layered guitar classical-style arrangement. The song (and album) ending section was recorded as a studio touch (pretty much impossible to exactly replicate live), almost to indicate the passing of into another dimension. The end.

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