Beyond Creation vocalist and guitarist Simon Girard is excited to be showcasing the first two singles, “The Inversion” and “Algorythm,” from the Montréal band’s impending third LP, Algorythm, out Oct. 12 on Season Of Mist. While touring the U.S. with Obscura, Archspire, Inferi, and Exist, Girard takes a moment to discuss the new album, professing, “I must say that people react really good to [these new songs]. It really adds another mood to our shows, and they really seem to like it.”

After returning home to Canada, Beyond Creation will jump on a European tour with Gorod, Entheos, and Brought By Pain in November. “I know we’ll have such a great time, and the shows are going to be awesome,” Girard continues. “We are looking forward to sharing the stage with [those bands] but mostly to see our fans and their reactions. We will play the entire new album, Algorythm, since it is pretty much a concept album. We really can’t wait!”

This is a lot of time away from home and fraught with continuous physical demands, but Girard sees no alternative for someone who spends time meticulously creating this vicious version of technical death metal. “Creating music, jamming, recording in the studio is absolutely awesome, but you never entirely realize the impact your music has on people until you start touring,” he says. “Doing tours and shows is very intense on many levels, but to me, it is probably the most rewarding thing you can live as a musician [and] composer. It allows you to understand and realize how deep people perceive the stories and emotion you’ve been transmitting through your hard work. [It’s] an opportunity to connect with fans and see their level of appreciation.”

On Algorythm, Beyond Creation offer 10 new tracks of mesmerizing yet savage feats as they explore the technical side of death metal. This sonic exploration is gratifying for Girard, and his pride in the resulting execution is obvious. He enjoys the aggression and confrontational aspects of death metal but thrives when pushing boundaries—his own and those of the audience—beyond just grimy, heavy riffs. Algorythm revels in a blanketed cinematic feel. “There’s no magical solution, and that’s the beauty of it,” Girard offers. “Art is subjective, but the most important [thing] is that [you find] your own balance in what you create and do it with passion. I always loved challenging music—not necessarily fast or complex, but just well-written. Emotions are the most important, because that’s what allows you to express yourself—same as a language. So, when I write music, I need to feel what I’m about to play as a storyline, either if it’s complicated or not. It’s like adding colors and shades to a painting.”

Beyond Creation chose to challenge themselves as thinkers and as writers. Purposefully, the band sought to accomplish a new direction or, at least, an expansion beyond their prior two albums. “I think there’s a lot more dynamics, texture, and various atmospheres on this new album,” Girard says. “I wanted to push the theatrical and artistic side of it a bit further. You definitely know it is Beyond Creation after the first few notes, but our fans will be able to hear a bigger variety in influences and styles. I also composed orchestra, which I’m really happy with, and I think it really brings a good dimension to the band. In similarities, people will be able to hear a bit of everything: short and long songs, brutal, progressive, atmospheric, with a lot of solos and melodies.”

To move in this direction, Beyond Creation summoned audio engineer Christian Donaldson to ferret out these new echelons while keeping it cohesive. His production shines, as Algorythm maintains a feel of thunderous riffs while balancing noodling basslines, piercing staccato notes, and harmonies. Not only showcasing the band’s technical talent, Beyond Creation and Donaldson also found a gritty, gnarly churn in the riffs—check “In Adversity,” “Surface’s Echoes,” and “The Inversion.”

Girard lauds Donaldson’s work. “The recording process was really nice once again, and we absolutely enjoyed working with Christian,” he says. “He really knows what to do. He produces the album with passion. He’s a perfectionist and has been doing recording [for] a long time. It’s good to have him as an external ear when you record, because he can notice microsounds that you might never notice yourself at first. He’s really focused and patient, which is extremely important as a sound engineer. He’s also open-minded, so he was excited about the way we wanted the new album to sound—huge but natural, which required some good recording techniques.”

One aspect of expansion was Girard working in orchestra instruments like violin, played by Louis-Pier Racicot, cello from Olivier Caron, and French horn from Louis-Philippe Beauchamp. “It was really fun,” Girard notes. “I composed all the orchestrations, [then] sent the files and parts to musicians so they could learn and practice it. It’s been really nice to be in the studio with them and hear the compositions played with real instruments. Louis-Pier is a longtime friend of [the band]. He plays in a circus called Cavalia. He has been touring for about five years now, all around the world. I knew he would be the perfect violinist to record the orchestra.”

Regarding the title Algorythm, Girard explains its significance to the breadth of Beyond Creation’s new work. “Algorithms are naturally used in everything,” he explains. “When you look at the mathematical but also physical side of [life], nature, animals, and humans are all born from complex and natural algorithms. Look also at the day-to-day patterns: most humans and animals find balance by creating their own routines, which is related by choosing the right algorithm. Things we buy and use are also created by using specific amounts of materials which had to go through the algorithmic process. Finally, since our lives turn around music, I decided to change ‘i’ [to] ‘y’ for the album title, because music composition is a constant evolutional process after all. You understand that there’s a unique and specific musical algorithm found that defines each and every album of Beyond Creation.”

Girard explains the lyrical themes as being “about the way we interact [with] each other, the impacts of our words and decisions through time, environment, and some of the major problems we are facing through our current era. I like to create lyrics in a philosophical way, because the beauty of art is that you can receive the message and interpret it the way it fits your world, your own life, and experiences. There’s also this writing manner in which we talk about the problems but also tend to push on the optimist side of it, because there’s always solutions to our problems. Problems never last forever; you just need to take actions and accept to change the situation you [or] we are in. [Guitarist] Kevin [Chartré] wrote two texts on this album which are about astrology, the effect that it had on our civilization, and the second one is more like a fictional story which talks about genetically modified organisms and the consequences of creating technologies that can surpass humans.”

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Photo by Simon Girard


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