Fair Warning

Twenty-two years in the music business, six albums, three live albums, and a continuing drive to produce music that is both interesting and entertaining after all this time is incredible. They are melodic hard rock heroes in Germany and most of Europe and in Japan. The band released their new album with the original members Tommy Heart (vocals), Helge Engelke (guitar), Ule Ritgen (bass) and CC Behrens (drums) still rocking out as good as ever.

The opening four songs really show the strengths of this band, with “Troubled Love” and “Keep it in The Dark” both providing exceptional hooks and maintaining an up-tempo exuberance that put a smile on your face.  “Real Love” with its power ballad quality and “Man in The Mirror” has real swagger and some great lead guitar work. “Natural High” rocks and really makes you move. “Jealous Heart” is a bluesy, moody classic rock track with a ton of power. “Touch My Soul” has fantastic keyboards and the melody of this song just hypnotized me and took me to a higher, happier place. “Send Me A Dream” is the second ballad, which seems to be a bit darker, and it also has incredible harmonies to offer. “Pride” is a great melodic rock track which is just fun to listen to and the lead guitar takes the song and runs with it. The other songs on the album just continue the high quality and make this is a really strong album. Tommy Heart is a strong lead vocalist who doesn’t disappoint and goes from soulful displays to belting out a strong chorus in the blink of an eye, the keyboards add texture and at times, take the song and elevate it higher, the inspired drumming mixed with the rich bass guitar created the melody that draws you into the album deeper and the emotive and rocking guitar really gave the songs the extra push into making it one of the best of their career.

With the experience and quality of the playing on this album, it will put a smile on your face and get you singing along throughout the length of the album. If you are a fan of classic melodic hard rock you will love this album so grab a copy, put it in your car, and play it loud! (Rick Ecker)

Purchase Sundancer here:  http://www.spv.de/_BRIDGE/products.php?product=260602


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