We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of False Advertising music video for their new single “Not My Fault” (watch it below) – directed & edited by Jen Hingley.

The band comment on the song & video:

“We basically just wanted to be selfish and have a great day, so we went and spent loads of money on arcade machines, grilled cheese and alcohol. The song is about being semi-oblivious and detached from the crazy political landscape that we reside within these days, so we thought fuck it, let’s be oblivious and do whatever the hell we want to bring it to life. We filmed, directed and edited it ourselves as we do with the majority of our music, artwork and videos. You can tell this because there is only one shot when all three of us are in it together, which we got Chris’s girlfriend Urszula to shoot for us.”

The single is the first in a run of standalone releases that the band plan to drop throughout the first half of this year and builds on their caustic, fuzz-drenched approach to alternative rock carrying echoes of underground ‘90s champions Cave In, Hundred Reasons, Idlewild and Garbage.

This time around the song writing has been given a healthy shot in the arm with a dose of mainstream-friendly hooks which are new to the False Advertising arsenal; elsewhere it’s business as usual with a veritable wall of noise collapsing into a gorgeous and sombre middle eight.

Lyrically, much of the new material is about feeling held back and being out of control of your own destiny, whether it’s due to your social class, job, appearance or gender. It’s about being part of a generation who often feel they’ve been sold a lie, being limited by an authority figure’s point of view, and trying to circumnavigate those obstacles that have been placed in your way.

“We wrote this song whilst lamenting the loss of opportunity and hope that this last year’s political developments have brought to a generation,” says song writer Jen Hingley of the new track.

“Whilst the American election was reaching its gaudy climax a few months ago, I found myself more and more falling asleep on the sofa in-front of Fox News, absorbing some pretty exaggerated stuff. I wondered if by watching it, that it might break me out of my own bubble and make me a super well rounded person. But instead it just filled me with despair.”

“Not My Fault” was recorded across various sessions at The Northbourne Centre in Didcot, Oxfordshire, as well as Marlboro House and the band’s own house in Manchester. It was engineered by Sam Jones and Chris Warr, produced by Sam Jones and False Advertising, and mixed by Sam Jones.

Tour Dates:
25 March – Minifestival de Musica Independent, Barcelona
31 March – Threshold Festival, Liverpool
13 April – The Chapel, Leeds
14 April – Wales Goes Pop Festival
15 April – Stockton Calling Festival
22 April – Wrong Festival, Liverpool

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